UEMURA SHO MUSIC ATELIER (植村照音楽工房)は、この京都を拠点に、子どもからクラシック愛好家、高齢者の方まで、誰もが自然にクラシック音楽を楽しむ生活文化のために、そのお手伝いをさせていただきたいと願って、2002年より活動しています。


UEMURA SHO MUSIC ATELIER  is based in Kyoto, and we are here to help everyone from children to classical music lovers and the elderly to enjoy classical music naturally. We have been active since 2002 in the hope that you will have it.

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また、Amazon などから、様々な演奏や音源を世界に向けて発信し続けています。

In addition to concert planning, we devise works on the theme of music, such as CDs, MP3s, and picture books with CDs.

In addition, we continue to transmit various performances and sound sources to the world from Amazon and others.